Frequently Asked Questions & Product Information

Expected Life Span of your Vaping Equipment

All batteries, atomizers, & replacement coils sold @ are manufactured at the highest quality industry leading standards, and are checked for function and appearance. Then tested & sealed at the factory.

However these products are consumables and degrade or fail especially if under constant use. We recommended you purchase multiple batteries & atomizers, We have found when rotated properly through out the days use you will get more life out of your vaping equipment.

The life span of these consumable products varies based on usage, and is dependent on the use and habits of the individual user.

Average life span of a replacement coil or atomizer coil is right around 5-10 days, again depending on the user. The atomizer / tank itself can last much longer, it is the replacement atomizer coils that must be replaced.

Average life span of a li-ion rechargeable battery can be a year or more depending on its care, Use, & how they are maintained. Please read lithium Ion Battery usage recommendations, & lithium Ion Battery WARNING posted below.

For detailed information on Lithium Ion Polymer LI-PO battery technology click the link here.

What Does VV or VV+ Mean?

What is VV or VV+ ? VV or VV+ is short of Variable Voltage. Variable Voltage is the ability to control the voltage output of your battery device.

Why Does This Matter?

  • Here at we believe variable voltage is a " Must Have " feature to give the user more control & a better overall vaping experience.
  • Every e-Liquid / atomizer combination requires its own specific voltage output for optimal performance. ( for further details please see the battery, voltage, e-
    liquids, and general information guides listed below.)

What's the Difference Between the Aspire VV & VV+ Batteries

These 2 Aspire brand Batteries are identical in function however they are slightly different in there form. The Aspire VV+ battery has an added Beauty Ring on the collar. The Aspire VV+ Batteries also have a slightly larger firing button. There are advantages to both types of Aspire batteries. Some atomizer tanks just fit better on the aspire vv batteries because of the exposed outer thread connection. But we believe the general opinion is the Aspire VV+ with the added beauty ring and slightly larger firing button is more pleasing to the eye. After function it basically comes down to personal preference and what looks good to you. These 2 selections are THE top of the line e-cig batteries. With revolutionary technology like spring connection, carbon fiber coated tube, and safety holes. The Aspire Cf VV+ series batteries are currently only available on 1000mah capacity and black carbon fiber color only. On the other hand the Aspire VV battery series comes in a wider range of battery colors and capacity.These Aspire CF VV batteries range from 650 Mah - 1600 Mah, and are currently available in four carbon Fiber colors Black, Red, Blue, & Grey. Both the Aspire's Nautilus & Aspire's Nautilus Mini come with a flaired beauty ring in there kits that fits and looks great on Aspire's CF VV battery series.

Coil Resistance & Battery Voltage Guideline

Recommendations below are subjective and can vary based on certain factors:

  • Type of battery and current charge level
  • Type of Atomizer used
  • Type of E-liquid / E-juice used
  • Personal Preferences


  • 1.7 - 1.9 ohm: 3.1 - 3.5V
  • 2.1 - 2.3 ohm: 3.5 - 3.9V
  • 2.4 - 2.6 ohm: 3.9 - 4.3V
  • 2.6 - 3.0 ohm: 4.3 - 4.7V *guideline based on ohms law

Atomizer User Recommendations

Please read instructions carefully that are included with your product, Making note of safety precautions outlined in the products information. And observe the following recommendations to extend the life span of your atomizer and equipment.

  • Often the product will have a quick instruction guide, its recommended to read this to better familiarize yourself with the parts and how they fit and work.
  • Make sure your coils is properly feed with e-liquid / e-juice to avoid dry burning. ( running an atomizer and / or coil dry without proper liquid saturation.)
  • If at any time you experience a Burnt taste, check your atomizer & coil. make sure there properly feed with e-liquid / e-juice
  • Do Not set your battery voltage or wattage too high.
  • Only use Atomizers, coils & Batteries recommended by in the store section of our website.
  • Use the atomizer with the proper e-liquid / e-juice as they do vary in thickness, nicotine strength, & flavor. Including the ones sold here by Please educate yourself on your equipment & what e-liquid / e-juice PG/VG ratio works the best for what your using.
  • Replace your atomizer coil regularly. Generally when ever the vapor production slows or you notice the taste is not as good.
  • Atomizer's & all equipment must be stored and handled with care.

Lithium Ion Battery User Recommendations

Please observe the following recommendations to extend the life of your batterys.

  • Use the proper charger and only chargers recommended by
  • Please check the chargers section in our store to find the proper charger for your battery.
  • Normal battery usage creates and generates heat. Avoid overheating your batteries by rotating batteries throughout the days use.
  • Store and keep batteries in cool and dry place.
  • Do not leave batteries on the charger unattended, or overnight. Keep an eye on what your doing.
  • Do not alter or modify your batteries in any way. that can make these batteries extremely dangerous and potentially fatal.
  • As always keep clean & Handle with care

Bottom Vertical coil Atomizer Tips & Tricks

Bottom vertical coils atomizers, Clearomizers, Glassomizers etc... are today's most effective way to get a great vape while still keeping it simple & convenient as possible. They are not perfect and they do require a minimum amount of maintenance from time to time. This section is to help new vapors, or new to bottom vertical coil atomizers, easily fix issues with "Gurgling" or "Burnt Taste". Bottom Vertical Coil Atomizers depend on the vacuum created inside the tank to work properly. Mant people talk often about airflow( and its important), but the main factor is the vacuum created inside the tank. Too much vacuum and the liquid inside the tank will flood the coil resulting in a bubbly or gurgle feel. Too little vacuum and the liquid will not properly feed into the coil which will give a burnt taste.

What if you experience a Burnt or Dry hit?

A burnt or dry hit is mainly due to the e-liquid / e-juice not feeding properly into the bottom vertical coil. This may be because of too thick of e-liquid / e-juice and / or the lack of air pressure inside the tank. Bottom Vertical Coil tanks are influenced by the vacuum created in the tank when the e-liquid / e-juice fills onto your coils. To help you solve the burnt taste issue simply blow gently into your drip tip / mouth piece. you should then see a few of the air bubbles coming from the holes in your coil head. This should get the tank balanced and increase the air pressure inside the tank to allow the e-liquid / e-juices to feed properly onto your coil. This simple tip has proven to be extremely effective time and time again. 

What do I do if its bubbly or gurgly?

Atomizers can sometimes get a little to much e-liquid / e-juice inside the coil which obstructs slightly the air flow from your draw. Which gives it that bubbly or gurgle feeling / sound. This is normal and can be fixed easily.

  • Remove and clean your mouth piece, as well as the battery connection
  • Place atomizer over a paper towel
  • Tip atomizer upside down (bottoms up) making sure the liquid is below the coil to make sure not to create too much pressure inside the atomizer's tank when blowing into it.
  • Blow hard into the air hole (air flow control) by the treads on the smaller tanks. this is to remove excess liquid from the air flow chamber
  • Clean the atomizer mouth piece & all other exposed areas (some e-liquid / e-juice should come out)
  • Properly fill your atomizer's tank to create the required pressure. (see refill instructions below)
  • Carefully replace all parts and clean. That should do the trick.

Atomizer: E-liquid / E-juice Refill Guide

Please observe the following recommendations when filling your atomizer with e-liquid / e-juice.

  • Simply turn your atomizer upside down carefully unscrew the base hardware
  • Clean all parts , then clean them again.
  • Fill your atomizers tank
  • Avoid getting liquid in air flow holes or center tube.
  • Avoid getting e-liquid / e-juice on your hands, and surfaces around you. For gosh sake use a VAPE RAG™ (Sold in our Store's Accessory Section)
  • If some E-liquid / E-juice accidentally enters the center tube, simply remove the tank from the battery and blow through the mouthpiece holding a " Vape Rag™ " or paper towel under the threads to catch the excess e-liquid / e-juice.
  • Screw your atomizer back on, clean all parts if necessary.
  • Wait an optimal 10 minutes to allow e-liquid / e-juice to fill / feed into your genuine Aspire Brand replacement coil. (see coils replacement & priming guide below)

BVC Coil Replacement Guide & Priming Coil Guide

  • Carefully remove your replacement coil from your atomizer.
  • Make sure all parts are properly cleaned, to where no excess e-liquid / e-juice is visible. Remember to ALWAYS keep your equipment clean.
  • Fill & keep filled your atomizers tank with the proper e-liquid / e-juice. This is to assure the pressure is correct inside your atomizer's tank.
  • Make sure your e-liquid / e-juice is the proper PG / VG combination for your atomizer / coils.
  • Replace your genuine Aspire replacement coil, carefully screwing it down snug but not too tight. You may even want to drip just a couple drip of e-liquid / e-juice into the center of your replacement coil from better saturation.
  • Replace all cleaned parts, wait an optimal 10 minutes to allow saturation of coil with e-liquid / e-juice.
  • you may also prefer to take a couple "dry puffs" on your atomizer to help circulate the e-liquid / e-juice. This is done by drawing on the atomizer without pressing the power button. pulling airflow from the top will help the saturation and feed of your coil. This can also be done by holding the airflow hole with your finger, drawing quickly again and releasing your finger from the airflow hole for even further suction into the coil. But please be careful not to flood your tank like this. This is ONLY recommended for persons who are extremely familiar with there equipment. And of course should be done only once or so when priming the coil.

General E-Liquid / E-Juice information

  • The E-Liquid / E-Juice base is made of a mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) & Vegetable Glycerin (VG)  Propylene Glycol. The base composition or mix will affect the overall viscosity (thickness) as well as the amount of vapor produced.
  • At we found that 100% VG based e-liquids / e-juices just do not perform well when used in a clearomizer or glassomizer type tanks and equiptment.
  • We prefer to use a mix of ether MAX VG ( Triton & Atlantis series) or a 40pg/60vg or 30pg/70vg PG/VG ratio (all other aspire tanks) to achieve the best over all taste and performance.
  • The standard notation to specify the amount of nicotine in e-liquid / e-juice is a % or also commonly used mg/ml which is shortened to mg
  • Example: a 12 mg/ml e-liquid is equivalent to 1.2% nicotine strength e-liquid / e-juice
  • 12 mg is 0.012 g and since 1 ml is roughly 1 g depending on the liquid density (true for water - meter system)
  • As a result the mass ratio is 0.012 equivalent 1.2%

E-liquid / E-juice Nicotine Legal Warning :

Some e-liquid / e-juice may contain nicotine and is solely intended for use by adults Only. Meaning legal age in your state to purchase nicotine and related products. Nicotine is addictive, potentially harmful and should not be used by: those under the legal adult age in your state, non-smokers, pregnant or women who are nursing, persons with high blood pressure or other medical conditions that may be adversely effected by nicotine.(Regarding prop 65: nicotine is a chemical know by the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.

Consult your physician before using these products or any other similar products. Discontinue use of this product immediately if you experience symptoms of nausea, dizziness, weak or rapid heartbeat,vomiting, diarrhea. These products are in no way marketed or sold for use as a stop smoking aid or cessation tool. These products are an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. They are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or medical condition, and do not offer any recognized therapeutic benefits.

Lithium Ion Battery Warning :

*Lithium-Ion(Li-ion) batteries are extremely sensitive to charging characteristics and potentially can explode if mishandled. User should have knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries on how there are used, how to charge them, and discharge them properly before use.

Apply the following precautions when using Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.

  • Charge and store batteries in a fire proof container
  • Never leave Lithium Ion batteries unattended while charging or in use
  • Keep batteries in cool dry place , avoiding heat & especially fire.
  • Only use batteries and chargers from
  • Do not modify batteries in any way

***Not following these recommendations may cause damage to the battery and malfunctions which can cause serious injuries. is not responsible for any damages caused by misuse or mishandling of these Lithium Ion batteries. For more information and education about the proper care for Li-Ion batteries please click the link provided here-

*** and its Affiliates can not be held responsible for any inappropriate or mis use of vaping equipment. Please EDUCATE YOURSELF & Please ALWAYS use the proper precautions with your equipment. The user recommendations outlined by / Triple7tradingco. must be followed. All vaping equipment should ONLY and always be used with approved accessories and E-liquids / E-juices sold by (No Exceptions Please)