CottonBacon PRIME

CottonBacon PRIME
CottonBacon PRIME
CottonBacon PRIME
Introducing CottonBacon PRIME, perfect for squonking and tanks with re-build-able decks. Advancing to 33% faster absorption, Easier separation. The Most cutting edge, cleanest and easy to use Cotton Wick. Every bag of our CottonBacon PRIME includes a unique Authentication number that can be verified independently. Made from select U.S grown cotton fiber, then its set through a proprietary purification process to remove impurities, natural oils and pesticides. CottonBacon PRIME is created in a state of the art facility to provide Vaper's with an easy to use 100% tasteless cotton wick.

Package Includes:
10 x 4 inch strips CottonBacon PRIME
1 x authentic wick n vape packaging with scratch code

Grown and MADE IN THE U.S.A.
Our Price   US$6.99

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Efest Xsmart charger
The Xsmart single slot charger from Efest company is a Multi-functional battery charger for 3.7v rechargeable lithium batteries, such as 16340, 18350, 18650,18490,18700, 14500, 17500. The Xsmart charger automatically adjusts discharge current to charge different size battery's. And Automatically stops when Batteries are fully changed. With DC wide voltage (12-24V) charging mode Output: 5v ~ 1A  

1 Amp Portable USB Output: The XSMART charger can be used to charge most USB devices, such as mobile phone, iPad, MP3, Mp4, PSP etc. To do so, insert a fully charged battery into the charger and disconnect the micro USB Charger cable.

The XSMART Charger Does not include an A/C wall cable. This charger comes with a Micro USB cable.

Auto-stop when fully charged and auto-recharge when voltage is lower than 4.05V
DC wide voltage (12v-24v) charging mode
4 kinds of protection Over discharge protection, over voltage protection, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection.
Batteries at or over 0.6V can activate by the XSMART charger  
Our Price: US$12.95
Retail Price : US$16.95

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18650 Protective Battery Case with triple 7 logo 4 slot with hanging hook
Be safe and secure with The 4 Bay 18650 Protective Battery Case. The 4 Slot 18650 Battery Case features a special hanging hook for easy storage. Holds up to 4 x 18650 size batteries Safely and Securely. Made of durable hard plastic materials. Always take the proper precautions Be Safe and educate yourself on battery Safety !!   Our Price: US$3.29
Retail Price : US$4.95

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Cory Coils Pre Built N80 3 core Aliens Clapton coils
Cory Coils 414 Pre Built / Hand Crafted N80 Alien Coils, 3 core Aliens Clapton's. Hand crafted In the good old U.S.A. The infamous and ubiquitous ALIEN Clapton conceived by blueeyedgoon83 is out of this world! Crafted with 3 core wires, these coils will awaken your taste buds and unlock flavors in your favorite juice you never knew existed.

In addition to great flavor production, Alien coils also have optimal wicking properties allowing for a faster absorption. Each coil is crafted using only K.P's Sandvik. You will receive 2 or 4 coils total. Packaged in a pair's  along with a square of unbleached cotton.

Type: 3 core Alien Clapton's
Materials: All N80
Core: 28g 
Wrapped: 5 wraps
Clapton: 34g 
Resistence: .30 *Specified resistances are for single coil set up and dual coil set up would be half (1/2) the specified resistance. at 0.15ohm give or take, Coil resistance is estimated, variances are usually + or - .05ohms.

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Steel E Cigarette Diagonal Wire Cutting Pliers
Heavy duty Diagonal set e-cigarette wire Cutting Pliers are made of solid stainless steel and PC material Baby Blue colored hand grips. About 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, weights 1.90 ounces. A must have for your professional coil building tool kit.

Package Includes:
1 x Steel Diagonal Cutting Pliers for E-Cigarettes
1 x clear bag packaging 
Our Price: US$6.33

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CottonBacon Comp Wrap wire
Finally the perfect Comp Wire, Specifically designed to be used on more devices. A unique Nichrome blend with lower nickel content and added properties of Kanthal. Providing optimal ramp time, long pulls and longer life span. Everything you've been waiting for from a comp wire. 

*Pack of Bacon Bits Included in every pack

Compatible With: Dead Rabbit RDA

Package Includes:
1 x Length of Ni80 alloy wire
2 x approximate 4 inch strips of CottonBacon Bits
1 x Authentic Wick N Vape packaging with scratch off


WARNING: For Skilled and advanced users only. Use at your own risk. In no event regardless of cause, Shall Triple 7 Vaping, The Triple 7 Trading Company, Wick N Vape, or any of our affiliates be liable for any bodily injury or property damages as a result of using this product.

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