Aspire Nautilus Stainless Steel replacement tank

Aspire Nautilus Stainless Steel replacement tank
Aspire's 5 ml capacity Nautilus Stainless Steel tank replacement is one Beast of a tank. A Bold Aspire logo is proudly displayed on the front of the part. No more broken glass parts, with the solid Stainless steel material you'll get the best protection. Only fits the Aspire Nautilus Full size original tank, will NOT fit the Aspire Nautilus mini. Made to replace the original Aspire Nautilus Pyrex glass tank part

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Package Includes:
1 x Authentic Aspire Nautilus steel replacement tank part
1 x Authentic Aspire packaging with scratch code
Our Price   US$8.77

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How to use and install your Aspire Nautilus Stainless Steel replacement tank part:

Designed to screw onto the base hardware and coil of your Aspire Nautilus 1 tank, Easy installation instructions as follows - 1st step make sure all your parts are clean and sanitized. Carefully clear broken glass away from your Aspire Nautilus 1 base hardware and coil assembly. Next, Remove your original, damaged or broken Nautilus replacement glass part and upper hardware (the top metal par twith drip tip connection and glass tank part). Next turn your Aspire Nautilus Stainless Steel replacement tank part upside with your favorite e-liquid or E-Juices. Next step, replace the Nautilus base hardware and coil to the Stainless Steel tank part we just filled with e-liquid. Next replace your drip tip. Please remember to prime your coil if your using a new one, or you may want to wait a couple extra minutes for priming with this new part install anyway. Finally Clean and wipe down everything, make sure all parts are nice and tight, snug but never wrenched down.

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Aspire Nautilus Rubber Gasket seal
Now you can repair your Aspire Nautilus tank or build your own with our genuine Aspire replacement parts. Replacement rubber gasket seal designed for the base hardware of the Aspire Nautilus tank only. Replacement gasket that is designed to fit and seat onto the bottom base hardware where the glass tank sits against of a Genuine Aspire Nautilus tank only. This gasket seal assists in keeping the correct pressure in the tank and seals the glass tank from leaks at the bottom. 

Package Includes:
1 x Aspire Nautilus rubber gasket seal
1 x Authentic Aspire packaging
Our Price: US$3.95

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