Smokeless Symphony

Smokeless Symphony
Have you ever heard of RY4 e-liquid? RY4 is the most famous e-liquid flavor developed by the Chinese -- the original inventors of the e-cigarette -- at the beginning of the vaping industry. RY4 is a sweet tobacco flavor with notes of caramel and vanilla. It's the flavor that you always wished real cigarettes could have -- and e-liquid makers around the world continue to sell RY4-inspired e-liquids today. Smokeless Symphony by King of the Cloud is the best RY4 e-liquid to date. It's got a stronger tobacco note than most other RY4 vape juices along with an extra dash of spice and caramel. Topped with a bit of honey to please your sweet tooth, this is an e-liquid that's a must for sweet tobacco lovers.

King of the Cloud Ultra Premium E-liquids:
King of the Cloud is an Ultra high quality Premium E-liquids line, that is a MAX VG mix E-liquid therefore Recommended for compatible hardware only.

Compatible With: Vape equipment and Hardware that can handle high VG e-liquids and e-juices.

Package Includes:
1 x Smokeless Symphony 30 ml or 60 ml premium e-liquid
1 x Authentic bottle Packaging

Our Price   US$14.99

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