King of The Cloud T Shirt

King of The Cloud T Shirt
King of The Cloud T Shirt
King of The Cloud T Shirt
King of The Cloud T-Shirts are 100% Cotton Heavy Gildan T-shirts with the King of The Cloud logo boldly etched into the front and The Vaper's Knoll Join the Cloud logo etched on the sleeve. King of the Cloud T-Shirts are not Screen Printed, There printed using an advanced digital etching design process. The etching of the logo is designed to last longer and change slightly over time with normal wash and wear. The King of The Cloud T-Shirts are available in 3 sizes - Medium (M), Large (L), & Extra large (XL). 

Compatible With: Vape users and Vapor connoisseurs

Package Includes:
1 x King of The Cloud T Shirt
1 x clear packaging      
Our Price   US$19.77
Retail Price   US$24.00

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Core: 28g 
Wrapped: 5 wraps
Clapton: 34g 
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