E-cigarettes make an excellent alternative to cigarettes

October 4 2017

E-cigarettes make an excellent alternative to cigarettes. This is mainly because they are tobacco-free. Vaping allows you to experience the pleasure of smoking, without risks to your health.

But one of the best things about vaping is that you can enhance the experience further! You can experiment with vapor devices and change the flavor to make them taste like your favorite desert or favorite brand of cigarettes.

Here are a few vaping hacks that can help you make the experience better and more adventurous:

·Copper Mod and Ketchup

Ketchup? Really? Ketchup is used by many vaping users to restore their copper mod’s luster. The best part is it’s a common household item so you always have it in stock.

·Preventing Copper Mod Leakage

This is a common problem vapor users face. But it can be prevented with a simple trick: carry your mod upside down!

You can prevent your mod from leaking into your bag or pocket by carrying it upside down.

·Carry a Hand Sanitizer

You’re probably thinking, "What does a hand sanitizer have to do with e-cigarettes?

The truth is, they have little to do with e-cigarettes but if you face problems with a leaky mod and spill e-juice on yourself, a hand sanitizer quickly wipes it off.

·Cosmetic Boxes are Your Friends

Cosmetic boxes don’t have to be used just for cosmetics. You can use them to store your vapor device as well. Since they have their own slots, you can use them to store e-juices or any other e-accessory.

·Invest in a Magnetizer

Sometimes we face problems with our vapor device. Perhaps some e-juice dried up or a component became loose. All of these problems are common but can be easy to deal with if you have the right tools.

Trying to unscrew the components can be tough. A magnetizer can help you achieve that. By magnetizing the screw and screwdriver, it helps it come off with ease. You can also use a demagnetizer to make sure the screw does not become stuck to another piece of metal.

All these tips and tricks can help make your vaping journey easier and stress-free.

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